Doctor Who season 7 is off to a pretty good start

If you have not watched the season premiere to Doctor Who and want to see it spoiler-free, skip this post.

I’ll wait here to give you some time to leave.

Are they all gone now? I hope so.

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’m a devout Whovian.  The new season starting up got me really excited. Even though Moffat likes to throw me through a loop, tugging at all the emotions, I am really excited to have the show back. This year they had little shorts on each of the 5 days leading up to the season premiere which they called Pond Life. To say that this is a bit of a misnomer is an understatement. Most of the minute for each video was about the Doctor rather than how his companions coped at home. And the last one was kind of needed to be seen before the first episode, otherwise the viewer was lost.  Why are they getting a divorce? What’s happening?

That aside, I thought is was great. Not without issues, but I’ll get to those in a minute. I was very pleased with Oswin. I’ll be anxious to see how they bring her back later in the season.  If anyone had to replace the Ponds, she seems like a pretty good fit.  Gotta love a good tech girl. It would be especially interesting if they left her in the dalek, and had a dalek and the Doctor running around the universe in constant tension together. I’d watch the hell out of that. Though they may just do what they did with Martha and Amy. Freema Agyeman and Karen Gillan both appeared in New Who episodes before becoming permanent companions.  Of course, those are a little different because neither of them were scheduled to be a companion at the time of their filming. A handful of Old Who actors showed up later in the series, probably most notably Lalla Ward. She played a princess and they asked her to be Romana II.  I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent it seems. Anyway, I’ll be curious to know how they’ll bring back Oswin.

The main story was pretty interesting. I’m not sure how the altered humans had dalek casing adaptations instead of the squishy center cyclops tentacles, but I’m sure there’s some reason for that outside of “it looked cool.”  I did have a chuckle when they were almost smothered by plungers so that makes up for the logic. Speaking of logic, it seems that the daleks get their hands on a lot of tech that can’t actually be handled by daleks. Weird. But the running about and Amy converting was really all very entertaining. There was a few fiddly things that could have been changed, but nothing to speak of. Except for one thing.

What was up with the Amy and Rory subplot? They are getting a divorce. Why? If we didn’t find out in this episode there could have been much more dramatic and awkward scenes because they still haven’t talked to each other.  And the fact that they didn’t discuss things over before being shoved into a position where they would actually have to cope with the other dying is baffling. Did Amy really think that keeping the real reason she wanted the divorce secret was a good idea? I’m pretty sure she would have done or said something before assuming having biological kids was more important than a life with her. I’m hoping that things aren’t completely “Woo! We’re super in love even though we just got a divorce!” Seriously, things don’t change like that. I’m not usually one to hope for turmoil, but I wish they’d at least be more honest.  Outside of this, I really enjoyed the episode.

I will bring up that I can’t talk about Dinosaurs on a Spaceship yet. Since I got the Significant Otter into Doctor Who we can’t watch episodes without each other. It’s a nice tradition until we won’t see each other for a week and we both have to wait. It happened this week and I’m dying to see it because of dinosaurs and Arthur Weasley. With any hope this will prompt me to actually post regularly  because I’ll have something to talk about.


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