A collection of comics

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I never really made it to reading comic books.  They are a very expensive habit.  What I do read an obscene amount of however, is webcomics.  I read 30 different webcomics and am always on the lookout for more.  I’m even in the middle of writing one and illustrating for possibly two. I adore the medium. It’s a lot more open than the books that are put out.  There’s a lot more communication between the creator(s) and the audience.  The format can also be adjusted to fit different creative ideas. The confining nature of a page, or three panels in the case of comic strips, doesn’t need to be followed.  It can be, but many do deviate from it.  And the humour doesn’t have to be so safe.  The strips are often tailored for a certain audience and not meant for everyone and their brother to enjoy.

I like so many that I’m not even sure where to start.  I don’t want to just make a long list of stuff I read because that would be boring.  I also want to stay away from talking too much about xkcd, SMBC, and similar ones because they’ve made the rounds and everyone has already read through them.  I’d much rather address the smaller ones because they deserve more attention, not that my piddly blog is going to help too much.

Abstruse Goose caught a lot of flack in it’s early days for resembling xkcd too closely because it has simple drawings and deals with science and engineering.  It still has a lot to offer and has developed into something a bit different over time.

Earthsong is a comic I’ve been following for a long time. The art is really lovely and the story is interesting.  From the “About” page written by the comic’s author/illustrator Crystal Yates,

“The planets are living powerful beings and the sentient species that occupy their surfaces are their children. They face a crisis when their elemental lifeblood begins to seep into the children, eventually culminizing into a soulstone which gives them great powers, but at the cost of their life and eventually that of the planets’ too. One childless planet, Earthsong, is given the task of retrieving these children from their homeworlds and bringing them to her surface where they are safe. She is given tools made of Siderean, or star, element which allow her to remove the soulstone from its host and both back to their planet of origin. Visiting children remember little of their previous lives while on Earthsong and when they return they recall only glimmers of what occurred during their time away. These individuals often build up legends and myths around their strange and fragmented memories of alien species.”

Head Trip is a bit of a melange and takes from pop culture and daily life.

Hell Inc. is a stick figure comic that tells the story of a demon from Hell trying to live.  Hell and Heaven are just power companies and good and evil really are moot in business.

Between Failures is my most recent find and has a pretty sizable cast that work at a multimedia superstore that reminds me of a cross between Half-Price Books and Game Stop.

I’m pretty sure those are the least known comics in my bookmarks.  That’s not to say they don’t have a sizable audience, but they sure as heck aren’t being paraded around the internet like most of the other comics I read. And if there’s one thing I’d really like to do, it’s bring something new to the table.


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