Unpopular opinion

Let’s talk about The Avengers. I know this is late beyond reason to still be relevant, but I’ve never been known to be timely.  I enjoyed the movie.  That’s what I can say about it. My mind wasn’t blown, I only saw it once, and it was perfectly enjoyable.  I’m a little bothered by the kind of pedestal people are putting it on.  The plot was pretty standard and the way the characters developed wasn’t shocking or new.  Even the “shocking” death was expected. If Whedon’s name is on it, you take bets with your friends which player bites the dust.  And since Whedon likes impaling people, that wasn’t too much to guess either.

Maybe I’m bitter, but this movie shouldn’t have been considered super impressive.  I’m glad that it was entertaining and not a horrible let-down, but just because it wasn’t a horrible let down doesn’t mean it deserves all the noise.  It’s a superhero movie. One Spandexed man tried to take a MacGuffin/BDO/whatever from another Spandexed man and it will go back and forth between the parties until the one in the most primary colours has it for keeps or destroys it.  The colour bit isn’t as true with Batman, but otherwise is pretty faithful.  I was hoping for a bit more deviation from that story line since it received such high praise.  The team dynamic was nice, but then the arguments and cheap shots they all took at each other when shoved in the same room seemed silly. No, they wouldn’t all have agreed, but they could have acted like adults a bit more readily.  And though the building of camaraderie were thorough for a movie, the two tiny suggestions that after years and years of losing control The Hulk can now identify friends and enemies seems insulting.

Like I said, I found it entertaining and I might see it again, but for such high praise it should have been able to live up to it a bit better.  I know I should suspend beliefs for a few things, and I did, but it becomes silly after a while.  There were far more interesting things they could have done with it.  They would introduce things and then forget they existed. Like Thor supercharging Iron Man’s suit. Why did they never use that to their advantage? What a waste. To a lesser extent, Black Widow being Russian was almost completely abandoned except for her introduction and a few times where they say “Since she’s Russian…” Casting someone who could at least pretend they were Russian for more than 15 minutes would have been a vast improvement.  I know that I’m asking too much of Hollywood  to be clever and have a cast that does more than serve as a fantasy aid.  I’d love to start reading comics, but this movie didn’t contribute to that desire at all.


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6 Responses to Unpopular opinion

  1. todayiwatchedamovie says:

    I’ve been waiting for a review like this. I saw the movie, but it wasnt as great as everyone keeps saying.

  2. TheBruce says:

    I agree with you. It was/is pretty overrated. Nothing terribly special, but hyped up beyond oblivion. The current film climate is that if a film is “epic” then it is good. Joss did a good job balancing the disparate elements and the characters, but he also kind of took some cheap routes. For instance, Cap’s whole culture and time shock thing isn’t really explored and Thor and Loki’s relationship is kinda downplayed for the most part. Makes it sort of easier to balance all of the elements when some are taken out of the equation. Some of the characters seemed fleshed out, while others seemed really one-dimensional, which, again, sort of made it easier to balance them.

    Honestly, the actual filmmaking wasn’t all that special. It says a lot about the state of affairs when this movie is being hailed as a classic. Is that how bad Hollywood movies have gotten that we’ll blow anything remotely good out of proportion? And how about that ending? Why do people keep going on about how great the ending is? How nice, another huge Hollywood ending where another major city is destroyed. How original. Haven’t seen that since… the trailers before the fucking movie, promoting BATTLESHIP and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

    It was a fun movie. I enjoyed it. But I also agree with you. It’s way overhyped. Like I said, I think it’s a case of people blowing it way out of proportion because it’s “epic”. Hell, any film that gets this many superheroes together must be great, right? You kinda see it coming though, when THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA were kind of weak as standalone movies, and IRON MAN 2 was terrible.

    • I agree that Joss didn’t do a horrible job. I generally love his work and I’m glad it was him handling the movie over some of the directors and writers. I know you can’t do everything you want in a movie, but there could have been a few more interesting relationships explored. He did make even generally flat characters at least noticeable which was good. It just seems like it fell a little short compared to his other work.

      I can’t overstate how tired I am of seeing a metropolitan city being destroyed in some “epic” fight. I want to go see the movie where the city has to cope and rebuild after one of these huge fights. I agree that the movie was fun, but I’d love to see a risk or two in a new superhero movie.

  3. While it isn’t a movie that is going to change lives, I thought it was still an achievement on Whedon’s part to have so many strong characters share the same stage. Check out my review!

    • I took you up on your offer. I agree that Whedon did juggle and balance the main characters pretty well as far as screen time goes. The scene where they end up in a three-way-draw was very well done, and where they all relied on each other in the end was wonderful. The problem lies where there is little action to be had. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. I’m glad Whedon stepped up to the plate and put on a pretty good show with what he was given. I just wanted to put a little perspective out there.

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