Museum pieces

I like to buy shit I don’t need, or will even use. Some people will at least attempt to use the Death Star cake pan they bought, but a lot of the time it goes unused.  A lot of people collect junk for no particular reason.  But buying something with no intention of using it seems silly.  I just picked up a copy of the Two Virgins album John and Yoko put out in 1968.  It’s strange and experimental and I’ll never listen to it because of Yoko’s howling.  The record is in impeccable condition and I wonder if the original owner bought it and kept it the way I plan to.  It’s just something I needed to have because of the bizarre history of the record.

And obsession.  Obsession forces people to do crazy things and buy stuff that will never see the light of day. Everyone does it, but the realm of geeks almost seems to value things that were hidden underground in a waterproof and airtight container over things that people actually enjoyed.  Mint condition becomes more than just a description.  Some of it is about resale value, even though most people won’t sell their collections.  It’s a point of pride, I suppose, that everyone deals with.  We all want whatever others have to some degree.  Mint figurines and used props that must never be handled out of fear of devaluing it, also because what the hell would I use the little colored food cubes from Star Trek: TOS for (assuming they weren’t actually edible, I really don’t know)? They would sit there. I wouldn’t mime my favorite cafeteria scenes.  Do I need them? God no. Would I like them? It would be a cool little thing for a collection.

Buying stuff that you know you’ll never use really is pretty dumb.  If it’s not about preservation, it’s about the sheer fact of owning something.  You know what? I don’t care. What do you think museums are doing? They keep things that they will never use or sometimes even show for the sake of keeping it precious.  We all just keep our own little museums.  Imagine the fun, though, if we could go to the Art Institute and try out the weaponry they hold or sit in the chairs that aren’t meant to be sat on! Okay, sitting isn’t that much fun, but I’ll be damned if everyone who has seen some funky chair that they couldn’t sit on be compelled to try them out asap.  We may not be able to do that, but we can take things out of boxes.  Stuff that you want just because you want it, go for it. Don’t worry about how silly it is. Stuff that you like and is super cool but you think needs to be kept pristine, just rock out with it.  When I was a kid I had all the Sailor Moon dolls and stuff. I played with them a lot.  I’m sure if I kept them in their boxes they would be worth quite a bit, but then I wouldn’t have fun memories of playing with dolls that were meant to be played with.  I’m sure there is one thing that everyone wants to open but are afraid to because of the rarity.  I’m in the camp of “if you aren’t going to sell it, enjoy it.” As The Doctor said, “What’s the point of being an adult if you can’t be childish sometimes?”


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