Non-traditional geekery: Seeing older movies in old theaters

The theater that is closest to me is actually an old theater that plays one movie a week a few weeks after being released on the cheap.  The best thing, though, is that they’ve been playing old movies so they can buy a digital projector.  This has been the best thing for someone who goes to the movies as infrequently as I do.  Since I’ve known that they did this, I’ve seen The Blues Brothers and Jurassic Park for the first time ever on the big screen. I’m going to see Raiders of the Lost Ark this weekend, though not for the first time ever.

As I mentioned, I hate going to movies.  I hate sitting with a room full of strangers that are all trying not to fidget, or being obnoxious as possible, and paying to do so.  The seating is rarely comfortable and I like to be curled up in a blanket cocoon when I watch movies.  It’s not that I’m a poor movie-goer.  I hardly even laugh and rather smile quietly to myself (which drives people nuts because they can’t tell if I like something), much less talk.  I just don’t enjoy the whole scene.

Except when I’m going to The Patio.  I love it there.  They are a lovely place to visit.  If you get bored, you can watch the stars on the ceiling twinkle and the “clouds” pass lazily.  The inside is so ornate and fun to look at.  The best thing is that most of the movies they show are the more geeky ones that have been coming out.  They try to vary it, but it’s a little geek-leaning.  I’m not fortunate enough to go out and see all the movies, but I’ve been making sure not to miss their special flicks.  Ever since I missed not one, but two, opportunities to see Back to the Future in theaters I’ve been paying close attention to what The Patio shows special once a month.

I know that this kind of reads like one, big ad, but I also know that maybe one person who sees this might actually live close enough to go there.  This is more of some encouragement to see if you have some small theater that runs old movies.  I never would have noticed The Patio if they hasn’t been out of business for so long. After ten to fifteen years of being under “renivatio”, as the sign read, you notice when the lights are on.  So, go see what potentially geeky movies are playing around you. I can’t wait for the day when they run a Star Wars flick from the original 35mm.


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