The Pirates! Band of Misfits was as much fun as expected

So, after the wonderful talk that I attended described here, I went to go see The Pirates! Band of Misfits opening weekend.  This would have been up sooner, but graduation got in the way.  Anyway, I went to go see the movie and it absolutely lived up to my expectations.  I don’t want to go into a summary because I’d hate to spoil anything, but there were a few things that really stuck out for me. Here they are minus the big spoiler-y things that I liked.

The attention to details


found here

The sets were phenomenal.  Everything is so detailed and I bet if I went frame by frame there would still be little jokes that I wouldn’t see.  The talk with Lord should have clued me in, especially since he said something along the lines of “There are so many things that were included but no one will see because of the tiny details and actual filming.” I can’t remember it exactly, but that’s the core of it.  It didn’t hit me until I was watching the whole movie that I will need to see it countless times to get all the little references in the background.   Seriously. Look at all of that! There is no way to get into all of that in one go.

Tennant playing Darwin

Honestly, I knew David Tennant had a voice in the film, but I had no idea who he was playing.  All I ever heard was that he was a meek sort of character.  I was pleased as punch when he first appeared and was Charles Darwin of all people.  I absolutely saw some movements that were purely Tennant’s, and I’m glad that they actually used him for the animation of the character.  Honestly, the way they played it was so wonderful.  Plus, hearing The Doctor acting squeamish around pirates was pretty enjoyable.  The other voice acting was fabulous, too, but this got me because of the initial  surprise and Tennant’s career.

The inclusion of a Flight of the Conchords song

I’m not the biggest fan FotC, but I do adore them.  It did take a nudge from my constant companion for me to realize the song playing was in fact “I’m Not Crying”, but man was I filled with glee when it happened.  I was grinning like a mad fool at the saddest moment of the movie because of the brilliant song choice.  This song convinced me that the nerd gods were smiling on this movie. How else could you explain a movie that Aardman made about pirates and scientists featuring the voices of David Tennant (The Doctor, Hamlet, Barty Crouch Jr.), Martin Freeman (Bilbo, Dr. Watson, Arthur Dent), Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge), and Brendan Gleeson (“Mad Eye” Moody)?  Not to mention there are a few other ties to both Doctor Who and Harry Potter, but in the interest of length I won’t get into the one-off episode appearances.  These are just the main nerd roles for these actors, all of whom have talented careers outside of geekery.  Anyway, all of those people would be enough of a combination, but add on the musical talents of Flight of the Conchords and there is magic to be had.

There are so many wonderful things about this movie that are sweeping.  The animation is top notch, the humour is varied and all very good, and the story is fun to watch unfold.  See it if you like British humour, and maybe rent it if it isn’t quite your cup of tea.  There is something in it for everyone, but enjoying British humour even a little will carry a long way.


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One Response to The Pirates! Band of Misfits was as much fun as expected

  1. Mark Hobin says:

    I agree with everything. The inclusion of a Flight of the Conchords song and the rest of the soundtrack (Jimmy Cliff, The English Beat, etc) was inspired. Love the film and love your review!

    Check out mine too. I was very positive about the film.

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