Will Arnett being serious is unnerving

Way back in March I saw my first Studio Ghibli Film.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of some movies, but nothing with any sort of context or for longer than 20 minutes.  I seem to have a bad habit of this, but let us move on for now.  I want to make it perfectly clear that I really dislike going to theaters.  I like to yell at the screen and be comfy and warm without a group of strangers wishing they could be doing the same thing.  The Significant Otter loves going to the movies and is usually good about going without me, but this time was different.  We agreed together that we should go see The Secret World of  Arrietty as long as it was showing at the theaters.  The problem with going to see a kids movie is that the audience is usually full of, well, kids.  They weren’t as bad as I was expecting, but all the fiddly whispers in the beginning were really quite distracting.

The story was perfectly lovely and the animation was stunning, but what I really adored was Carol Burnett as the old woman antagonist.  Seriously, I’ve loved her for a long time and she performed in a truly spectacular way.  I could just imagine what the recording booth sessions were like with her. She’s either screaming or eerily whispering her lines most of the time.  Must have been intense.  Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are other notable voices.  They were very good, too.  The thing that struck me most was Arnett being dead serious.  It’s absolutely him, but there is no comedic lilt and it’s really bizarre.  I kept waiting for something zany and crazy to happen, if only for a brief scene, but it never came and it bugged the crap out of me.  Poehler’s voice lent to serious animation less obtrusively, but both were very good at what they did.  If I couldn’t place the voice to a previous role, it would have been smooth sailing.

While this was a pretty good movie, I’m sure the rest of the Ghibli portfolio is far more impressive.  I really should make time to see more than just 15 minutes of a movie and not search it out again.  Seriously, one clip of the Catbus seen over 12 years ago doesn’t count for anything.  As this is fixed, hopefully, it will be documented.


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