Who was that masked man?

I was a nerdy small child in the way that I had to get all A’s and had a love for science in general, but especially animals and gemstones.  I watched stuff like the Power Rangers like every kid, too.  I was shunned for a good portion on my childhood because I was quiet and not a stick figure incarnate.  I’m almost disappointed that I wasn’t teased because I was nerdy as all get out, but was by my appearance.  I didn’t even have bullies that tried hard enough to dislike me for who I was. The nerve!  As soon as I found my geeky interests, though, I was always real proud to talk about them.  I was old enough that not everyone cared that I drew monsters or quoted Monty Python every reasonable chance I got.    I’m really sad that I don’t have any budding geek stories.

The closest thing to one is when I was at a friend’s birthday party at McDonald’s. I was probably about 7, maybe a year older.  I don’t even remember who it was for or how long I was playing in the petri dish that is a McDonald’s Playplace, but there was one thing in particular that made me hide in the furthest corner of the plastic tubing that would still allow me to see what was happening outside.  I was trapped by the presence of the White Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Most kids were beyond excited. I fled. As I said, I loved the show, but I had an irrational fear of people in costumes.  I think it started with a clown that claimed he had sandwiches in his big shoes and I was scarred for life.  My brain couldn’t process that sandwich storage method and everyone else I met in costume became objects of fear.  Santa freaked me out and costume characters were the worst.  So, my tiny brain had a huge problem figuring out what to do with this masked man.  I don’t know if I realized it wasn’t the guy from TV or not, honestly.  Just the thought of costumed people trumped my desire to go introduce myself to someone I spent countless hours watching on TV.  I did watch in wonder of all the kids just hanging around him like there was nothing wrong, but I feared for their lives. I was sure there was something about to go down and only I would be safe because there was no way he would fit in these tubes.  I only came out once he left.  My mother couldn’t figure it out.

This isn’t a traditionally nerdy story.  Most people don’t fear for their lives when the object of their adoration is in the same room as them.  All I know is that I’ve since gotten over my fear.  Want to know how? I became a seasonal costume character and did it for four years for various events at my local zoo.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense, but that’s fine with me.

That's right. I was Frosty. Yes, that is padding.


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