So, like everyone else, I’ve downloaded DC Universe Online.  The reason I know that everyone and their dog downloaded it because it took around a day for it to be playable.  All the various downloading and installing seems to be worth it.  I’m not entirely sure.  I played for an hour the first night so I could get the tutorial out of the way and acquaint myself with the space a bit.    That all seemed fine for the little amount I played. It looks great and the controls seem simple enough.  The one downside is a personal one.  My TV is from 1995 because I refuse to get a new one.  Because of this, I can hardly read any of the text. This game is going to be one long list memorization for me.

So, I tried to log on again and there is an update.  If your game takes a day to get all the necessary information to your players, you better damn well sure you won’t need an update for a long time. I know the purpose of updates, but this is ab-fucking-surd. I wouldn’t have minded two hours tacked on to the time the other day, but to have to sit through that garbage after already being delayed two days is cruel. Yes two days, I started around 7 on one day and couldn’t play till 8 the next night and then only played an hour. And now this is the first chance I get and there is more waiting.  I’ll actually let you know how the gameplay is after I actually get a chance to play the damn thing, if they’ll let me.


After several days, I still haven’t been able to play because of the extreme amount of papers that are due the last three weeks in the semester. As soon as I play, or do anything besides talk about how Duchamp quit art for chess, I will update.


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