Dinosaurs: The Perfect Love Catalyst

Sooner or later this story had to come out.  It’s the story of how I met the Significant Otter.  I wouldn’t do this if we weren’t huge nerds and spent our days being the nerdiest couple we know. I do like to reinforce the idea that nerd love is out there, and that it’s pretty awesome.

We met because of our mutual love of dinosaurs.  We had signed up for the class because we loved the prehistoric beasts.  I had mentioned being eager to play The Beatles Rock Band to another classmate before class when he decided to jump in.  We discussed video games til we were cut short by the class starting.  It was vague interest at first sight! Further discussions led to the realization we had been at the same Eddie Izzard show the year previous and that we were generally interested.  He asked me out and I was thrilled! We started dating and it wasn’t right so we broke up, but wanted to be friends. Hey, two cool people that dated briefly can hang out together without tension, right? Well, yes, actually. We didn’t try to impress anyone, and there was no expectations.  We were just geeking out together like good friends do.  And then there was a shift.  I’m not entirely sure when it happened or how it happened, but there it was.  He wanted to get back together and I was hesitant.  Technically being the dumpee, I didn’t want to bother with that awkwardness again.  But, after a little convincing, I figured that the worst that could happen was a bad story to tell to my friends.  Well, I guess I fucked that up pretty good. Two years later and I still don’t really have any bad stories. What a ripoff!

We are really nerdy together, which is the whole point of this post. We kicked the living fuck out of Borderlands together and wistfully imagine ourselves as The Doctor’s companions.  We are writing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign together.  Actually, he’s writing it and I’m giving him ideas and illustrations.  It works. We rock the harmonies in Rock Band even if our voices wobble a bit (someone wobbles more than the other, but I’m not going to share whom).  We got a triple harmony trophy with just the two of us; I was pretty proud. I love helping him with video games that only one person can play at a time.  I’ll look up locations or stats or whatever while he’s playing. Sometimes we trade off control and play for a certain amount of time.  It worked very well with Portal 2.  We kicked the crap out of that game in both co-op and single player mode.  We wear matching Jayne Cobb hats in the winter and believe ourselves to be quite cunning. I have a growing interest in retro video games, and he has a cursory knowledge of knitting. I think we’re doing each other a favour.

Sharing is a huge thing for us and, luckily, it’s mostly nerd fuel.  One thing leads to the next and before you know it we’re well versed in almost anything.  One exception is comics. We both love the idea of comics, but neither knows where to start and if we go for the big names like Batman or the X-Men there will be far too much back story to catch up on and link-ins to read as well. Aside from that we try a bit of everything.  Finding new interests to share and converse about continually brings us closer.

I realize that the title is a bit of a misnomer. It sounds more like how to pick up people that like dinosaurs.  If you were looking for that, good choice.  Anyone who reacts positively to dino pick-up lines are keepers. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any off hand. I was fortunate enough to not need them.  I know that dino classes aren’t available at every college, and that’s sad.  For us geeky types, it might as well be a speed dating exercise.  I will try to devise a list of perfect dinosaur/prehistoric beast related pick-up lines for those unlucky enough to not have a dino class offered.

I hope this time next year there is still reason to celebrate, but till then we’ll just keep being our geeky selves. I’ll leave you with this lovely example of our love. We are so horrible/awesome that our conversation made it here. Also, this:


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