I like a good foreign tongue

Language is really interesting to me.  How one language has a word can describe a feeling so perfectly and a different language completely neglects to give it its own title. It’s like petrichor.  Many more people know about it now because of “The Doctor’s Wife” episode of Doctor Who, but it means the smell of dust after rain. It’s so specific and we all have experienced that smell, but that one little word describes it all. I haven’t done the research, but I don’t think any other language has a word that means quite the same thing.  Cracked has a good article with a few examples of such words.

What I’m really interested in, though, is languages specifically created for a fictional entity. Elvish and Klingon are probably two of the most recognizable examples of this.  I think the sheer dedication it takes to create a language with rules and proper use is unbelievable. I had a hell of a time with Spanish in high school, I can’t even fathom creating something completely new and proceed to not only learn it, but teach it.  Teaching a language that you made up must be hellish. You don’t have anyone to back you up or correct you if the grammar is wrong.  Though, you could just say that it’s supposed to be that way and no one would know any better. At least, no one would know any better until someone decides to make verb conjugation charts and notices the anomaly. Then all the nerd rage comes out and they correct it or tear it to shreds.  With English, we just said “screw it” and called it irregular.

Learning a completely made up language has to be tricky.  Some are probably easier than others, but none of them are going to be a cake walk.  Another downside is that the odds of anyone else knowing Parseltongue is slim to none. When you speak it in public people will think you’ve lost it.  Not to mention that Parseltongue is probably very incomplete in terms of a language. I’m sure someone out there is working on a way for it to be more complete, though.

Now, I’m not a huge Lord of the Rings fan by any means, but I find Elvish quite pretty. And there’s nothing like Tolkien himself speaking it.


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