I sleep four feet above the covers

I know that this is blasphemy, but I have to say it.  The first time I watched Ghostbusters, I didn’t care for it at all.  I didn’t understand the hype and I couldn’t fathom why its popularity has grown so dramatically in time.  This may have had something to do with the fact that I was just watching it for noise while I finished up a project. Knowing that a horde of people would have brutally slaughtered me the second I said I thought Ghostbusters was a novelty and little else, I kept an open mind.

The second time I saw it everything was much better. I had actively chosen it and watched it with my brother.  I was still distracted while seeing it, but I had at least chosen to watch it knowing how I felt about it the first time.  If you genuinely think something is going to suck as much as the first time you experienced it, you aren’t going to volunteer for it again.  Some movies you have to watch it several times before you realize you like it.  I just didn’t click with this movie like some people did.

Knowing all this, I decided it was time for a date night.  The Significant Otter and I decided to see Ghostbusters on the big screen while we had a chance.  Select theaters were running Ghostbusters every Thursday in October and if I was ever going to appreciate it, it was going to be on the big screen.  If this didn’t convince me, I was a hopeless cause that would end up tarred and feathered at every convention.  We went extra early to make sure we’d get tickets. Ghostbusters is a huge event, right? Even suburbanites on a Thursday would recognize that, surely. Well, we showed up an hour and a half early and had to wait in the crappy arcade area because we were so absurdly early.  Apparently, either no one knew about the event or suburbanites cared about as much as I did about Ghostbusters.  By the time the lights dimmed there were a few families in the theater and one group of obnoxious teenagers that decided to sit right behind the two of us.

I’ll admit that as the glorious/horrible 80s quality film started up I got pretty excited.  There’s nothing quite like a boost of nostalgia to get me going.  Between seeing the movie a few times and knowing the “important” lines from everyone repeating them a hundred different times I was very thrilled when they came up in context.  The whole energy was very strange in the theater, though.  It was like seeing The Wizard of Oz with my Oz-obsessed aunt. You could tell she wanted to repeat every line, but didn’t for the sake of everyone else.  Some people did repeat lines, but very seldomly and not loudly.  Part of me really wished someone would have went for it and just sang the song and spoke the lines.  It would have cut some of that tension and I think everyone would have had a phenomenal time reciting the movie.

I’m really rather glad that I insisted we went. Who knows when it would happen again? I wasn’t going to miss my chance like I did when Back to the Future was in theaters last year. I can now say that I like Ghostbusters okay and that with a few more viewings that I’ll probably have knitted myself a proton pack.


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