Briefly about October

I am  so thrilled about October. I kind of love the colours and it still has potential for warm days.  I live for that potential.  Living in Chicago my whole life has not made me any more cold tolerant.  October is a great time because the whole month is spent getting geared up for Halloween. I absolutely love it.  The only better way to end a month is New Year’s Eve.  I’m a firm believer that costumes can make anything better, or at least more interesting.

I wish I could talk about all the nerdy costumes I had as a kid, but there weren’t that many.  I was Sailor Moon one year, but it was one of those smock costumes.  I was really obsessed with Sailor Moon so at the time I just didn’t care.  I was also a snow leopard one year, but I’m not sure if that counts as nerdy.  I look at all the awesome nerd costumes people have patiently crafted, and I can’t help but be in awe.  I can’t even get my sewing machine to work and these other people have period accurate costumes made from a bolt of cloth.  I just  have to tip my hat to these cool people.

There is a huge downside to October, though. Midterms. Having classes and tests on Halloween absolutely sucks. There may be a brief hibernation due to the amount of life crap that has to be taken care of.  Or there will be a burst of stuff because I’m procrastinating.  Either way, you’ve been warned.


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