Stealth geeking

I’m all about the subtle nod to a favourite nerd property.  It’s fun, and when someone else takes notice you get to share a bit of glee together.  I love getting into random geeky conversations on the street. My Doctor Who scarf isn’t exactly stealthy, but it does take a fan to recognize it.  That scarf has gotten me more attention then I care to admit, but it’s not the only way I let my geek flag fly on a daily basis.  There is also my Jayne Cobb hat I wear as frequently as possible.  That kind of goes in the same boat as the scarf, those who know it know it.  My current ring tone is The Song of Storms and my text sound is the Star Trek communicator noise.  I swear that it actually is! Most people think it just sounds like birds.  When I need to wear gym shoes I only wear my cream Converse as a nod to the 10th Doctor.

I love being super obscure in my geekyness.  I have a tiny penguin on top of my TV.  Writing it out, it seems a bit more obvious that it’s a nod to the Monty Python sketch where the penguin on top of the TV blows up.  Most people think I just kind of like penguins. It’s true, but not the point.  One of my favourite shirts is one with four pairs of shoes on them.  It looks pretty bizarre, but I adore it to death.  They are Beatle boots and although The Beatles aren’t so much a nerd property and more of a cultural obsession, I’m counting it.  They were all super nerds and the way I go on about them is pretty damn nerdy.  Plus, wearing this shirt just makes me look like someone with a shoe obsession.  I’m just dedicated.  I’d love to say I have more ways of being quietly nerdy, but I can’t think of any.  I’m pretty flamboyant about my nerd self.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. What other ways  can one show incognito geekiness?


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