Temple of Fuck-All

One of my favourite franchises is The Legend of Zelda.  I love these games.  These games are one of the few things my brother and I can bond over.  Unless I’m mistaken, my first experience with a gaming system was Ocarina of Time on N64.  It was either that or a friend’s Sega.  I’m pretty sure I experienced the N64 first, though.  I’m going to be quite frank about this. I’ve never actually played the game.  My brother was always playing it and I’d always watch.  I knew the story and by the time I got my own system I had seen it about 3 or 4 times.  The same thing happened to Majora’s Mask.  I watched while others played. I regret not stepping in and  asking for the chance to play on my own, but I was a little girl and siblings don’t share. Ever. I still love the games even if I’ve never controlled Link.

I’m pretty sure the thing that solidified my love for Zelda was the music.  I was a musician before I was anything else. Some of the best video game music is in the Zelda series.  I know tastes are highly debatable, but it’s pretty hard to debate this.  I said a while back that my brother was playing a shit ton of Zelda songs on his guitar.  I felt like everything I was doing was pretty amazing.  His favourite is Song of Storms, and who could blame him? When I showed this to him he decided to take a break.

I like the design and loose story line.  That’s not to say that the story is loose, but you don’t need to do it immediately. Yes you have to do story bits in a general order, but there is also a slew of stuff you could do besides.  The side bits are usually pretty fun and useful if you don’t want to do the story right away.  There is definitely a formula that the Zelda games have that just work for me and a few million other people.  I am aware of how silly that sounds.  I will never not say something because it sounds silly or cliche, because I’ll  truly mean it despite the fact it’s an obvious cliche.


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