Pardon my rant

I’m not a special snowflake. I know this.  I’m one of the many, many geeky girls in the world.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately, and it seems like some girls want a reward or something because they play Halo or have watched a Batman movie.  I’m sorry, but if you want to be treated special because you have interests that are typically  male oriented, that’s just absurd.  No one deserves an award for liking something.  That’s not to say that people shouldn’t enjoy their work or be praised if they are skillful at it.  It’s more about the people that want a gold star because they know what the three pieces of the triforce represent.  Girls seem guilty of this most often.  Just be your badass, nerdy selves.  Wear your geek pride as a badge of honour, not as something that deserves praise.

Also, being a girl who wants to be a special snowflake is not cool either.  My brother used to game with a bunch of guys and this one girl.  She insisted that no other girl could play with them because she wanted to be the only one.  Talk about silly.  I’m not saying that this is every girl, but this mentality seems more common than it should be.

I’d like to say that I’m not being a hypocrite before anyone attacks me.  I’m not looking for a prize or validation.  I’m here because geek girls who love what they are like to see others like them.  I’m not here to impress anyone, nor trying to put anyone down for not being a nerdy person.  I’m just putting myself out there and if we agree, fantastic.   I do feel silly just talking about girls throughout the whole post, because I know that guys can be guilty of the same thing.  It’s just not as common to find guys that want a gold star because they like Star Trek or D&D.

Hopefully, I’ll return before the week is out and you’ll get a proper post. Perhaps a Legend of Zelda post.  My brother learned a good portion of songs and has been playing them all morning, so I’m in a Zelda mood. Maybe I’ll post some pictures if I feel ambitious. You’ll get to see my nerdy stuff, how exciting!


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