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Ever since I was a kid I’ve watched Star Trek. What I mean by kid I mean 1-2 years old.  The only reason I know this is because whenever the television is on in the old home movies I can hear the Star Trek: Next Generation music and/or actors talking in the background.  My mother doesn’t remember this, but I doubt anyone has doctored my home movies. I was pretty stunned when I found out, especially since TNG rubs me the wrong way now.  I much prefer the original run of the show.  The Original Series just does it for me. I will always prefer the original to a reboot and the 1960s production just can’t be beat.  Okay, realistically, yes it can.  The absurd makeshift sets and the ideas about the future were hilarious.  Those weird clay-like food blobs? Amazing.  The dynamic on TOS was unbeatable, too.  All the main characters seemed to bond more naturally even when at each other’s throats. That’s just the kind of thing that makes something believable, not sets. I may not have been exposed enough, but The Next Generation just seems too antiseptic. I really can’t speak to the other two series, but I imagine that they wouldn’t impress me either.

I need to say this. Kirk was never my favourite.  It’s not that I dislike him, I think he’s effective in his own way.  I’ve just always preferred the brainy men, McCoy and Spock.  I jump between the two as being my favourite; I guess it depends on the episode.  I always felt bad for McCoy because he seemed the most neglected of the group.  It’s like saying George is your favourite Beatle.  Lennon and McCartney are fought over and Ringo has his own charm that people remember, but George is often forgotten until someone says “And who’s that other one?” If you’re interested, Paul and George are my tied favourites.  This might say something about me. I’ve gotten sidetracked now. I love McCoy.  He’s brilliant on his own and is nice and snarky.  I’d love to have a drink with him.  I like Spock for all the same reasons everyone likes Spock.  He’s clever, quick, and still flawed the way everyone else is.  It doesn’t hurt that the actors were DeForest Kelly and Leonard Nimoy.

I really can’t speak to the movies because I either haven’t seen them in a long time, or haven’t seen them at all.  I know, I know shame on me.  Some things are just more important to me.  I’d sooner watch the telly show than a movie.  The most recent take on the TV show was pretty good. I have some issues with it, it was enjoyable overall.  I’d like to go in-depth but I think I’ll save it when I look at all the other movies.

Now that you know where I stand on most things, the only thing left to address is the ever debated Kirk or Picard.  They were both effective captains and there are definitely some instances where if they swapped places then they might not have survived.  I still think that Picard had better commanding skills.  He thought things out a bit more and had better judgement calls from what I’ve seen. Kirk got things done, but he was a little reckless.  They both fit into their respective series perfectly, but Picard did a better job.

I wish I had the patience to look at every episode.  Maybe I’ll choose a favourite or two and look at those. I’d like to stop now, but I have the urge to be just like everyone else and say “live long and prosper”.  I’d like to think I’m above that.  I think I’ll just be a good little girl and just stop.


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