They were just four lads from Liverpool

So,  my first gaming experience of my second wave was Resident Evil 5. Not the best, but not bad either.  The game I played in tandem with it was The Beatles Rock Band.  I have the exclusive drum kit and Hofner bass controllers. If you know anything about me you know at least one of two things.  You know that I’m an enormous, obsessive Beatles fan and you know that I’m an enormous and obsessive Doctor Who fan.  Most people know the former and identify me as that one girl who knows all there is to know about Beatle lore.  I don’t know everything, but it is scary how much I do know.  It comes as no surprise that I wanted the game.  I waited very patiently for that game.

Now, I’ve played games like this before, and I wasn’t bad.  I’m still not really good at the guitar, and my drums kind of suck, but it was the vocals I was looking forward to.  I was a singer for many years and stopped schooling for it, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t belt out these songs.  I went immediately to expert mode for vocals. I had this in the bag.  There’s a snag, there’s always a snag.  As accurate as they get, everything is still a bit off.  When John sings off key, as he did with moderate frequency, I learned to parrot it expertly.  The game was not as true to life as I would have hoped.  The designers decided to be logical and have it hit the proper next note.  I quickly found out if I sing it the way I usually did I would get a poor score. So much for not having to look at the screen.

I beat that game pretty quick.  I’m still not aces at the guitar or drums, but I have an excuse to sing the songs.  I actually haven’t played in a long time.  I keep promising myself that I will, but it just doesn’t happen. I should bring myself to playing because as long as I’m listening to the records, I may as well be playing the game and seeing the funny little animations.  I kind of adore the silly things. They seem so obscenely cheerful and I kind of like that, espically since towards the end they were really not so delighted to see each other.  We all need that little suspension of disbelief once in a while.


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