Knit one, dammit I dropped a stitch

Okay, so I like all these nerdy things?  Big deal, right?  If I didn’t actually do anything about the things I like then little would differentiate me from fans.  Collecting, memorizing, creating, and bonding with  other fans helps the nerdom flourish.  My chosen method of expressing my love is by knitting.  I love knitting.  It relaxes me and allows me to keep my hands busy.  When my nerdy interests overlap with knitting it’s like my own personal Christmas.  In fact, I wanted to knit the Jayne Cobb hat before I even saw that episode of Firefly.  I liked the show, knew of the hat and had it made by the time I saw the episode.  It was wonderful.  I’ve made so many since then that I can now make that hat in a day.

Besides that hat I have made many other nerdy knits. My first ever knitting project was the Doctor Who scarf.  I made it in a month and have been wearing it ever since.  A part of me hates when the weather gets warm because it becomes a pain to wear.  It does drag on the floor and I have tripped over it many times.  My aunt asked me a few days ago if I got it caught in doorways often. I told her no, not regular doors, revolving doors and doorknobs however were the bane of the scarf’s existence.  I refuse to stop wearing it though. This scarf has made me more friends than my sparkling personality ever could.  Strangers on the street have stopped me to comment and one woman actually took my picture.  The scarf has been a great pillow, blanket, conversation starter, leash, jump rope, lasso, and overall fun object. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be buried in this scarf.

Another project I’ve worked on was a golden snitch.  That was a pain in the ass.  They had to be done on tiny needles that I was afraid I was going to break.  Despite the bitty needles, they are quick and simple to make.  My brother used it to woo a girl and it worked, so take note guys.  It was fun to throw around and watch “fly.”

I’ve also knitted a double helix and Mario mustaches.  On my list of things to make include Mega Man’s helmet, a one up mushroom beret, a TARDIS,  bacteria, and something in binary.  I’d love suggestions for something else equally awesome.  Until then I’ll have to make due with my own awesomeness.


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