Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock anyone?

As a nerd girl I feel like I should make comment on how nerds are portrayed, not just girls but all of us. I really don’t dare to cover everything, especially not in one post.  I’d like to start with the Big Bang Theory.  It seems to be one of the most popular television shows and it’s almost curious why.  If geeky people are as shunned as we are led to believe, then why is it such a hit? Do we like seeing stereotypes be both reinforced and broken? I think this show definitely does a bit of both.  Every nerd that has seen the show seems to like it or not. There is little middle ground.  I think it’s entertaining. I have some problems with some character choices, but it’s overall pretty good.  Before I get too far into it, I’d like to say that I’m talking about characters, not the actors.  I know they are two totally different things and I want to make sure everyone knows what I’m talking about.  The blokes all have their flaws and Penny isn’t a prize, but at least they’re human. I’m thrilled that all the females are strong in their own right, and that the guys aren’t basement dwellers. That’s real important and positive considering the stereotypes.  Heaven forbid we see attractive nerds or socially capable people.  They’re not perfect, but they’re capable.  As a pale, glasses-wearing, socially inept nerd girl I identify with the awkwardness.  Like I mentioned above, the girls are all pretty strong and that’s impressive especially since I still can’t handle a group discussion without prodding.

All the lovely, geeky people have their vices and quirks.  I just wish that they would be a bit more varied. I know they have small quibbles, but real nerds have very real differences of opinions.  I’ve had the favourite Doctor argument many a time and the necessary Kirk vs. Picard a few times.  These are basics and have barely been touched.  Watching nerds fight is hilarious anyway, you’d think they’d include a bit more of it. I love watching people fight about D&D rules, calls, and character actions.  Plus it’s always fun to pick on the bard. Any one of them could play the bard and it would be hilarious for different reasons.  Sheldon would want to stay away from battle, but he could also easily be a cleric or wizard for that; Raj and Howard would seduce NPCs, and Leonard would probably be the best bard ever, but fail because it’s a bard.  I keep typing bard and I’m starting to think that a whole campaign of bards would be tragic but potentially amusing if the right people were playing. Seriously CBS, quit the Halo and bring on table top gaming. I promise it’s funnier and probably more accurate. My personal data is skewed, but I still think it has great potential.

The show tickles me so I can’t complain too much.  The one thing that really gets under my skin is Leonard handles relationships and sex.  It annoys me to no end.  He seems like a good guy but it’s more than just being a little clueless about love.  I know that love and sex don’t always go together, but bear with me.  Sometimes he equates them, sometimes he doesn’t.  One episode Penny was drunk and demanded sex and he was like “Score.”  That’s wrong for a few reasons, but let me move on. He then thought that they were back together even though Penny was very clear.  I know it’s not the most important thing in the world, but it does make me cringe.  I’m not here to be preachy.  This is just one flaw I really don’t care for in anyone.

I’m not sure I have a favourite.  I’m pretty sure it’s the latest edition, Amy.  The guys are all fine, but she’s pretty awesome. She can recognize the necessity of social functions but is still the nerdiest girl at the convention.  It also kind of helps that she reminds me of someone I’m quite fond of. No, I’m not talking about myself, that would be rude and weird. You’ll just have to be on pins and needles.


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