I’m no Nurse Joy

Keeping with the idea that I’m just transferring over posts, I’m going to leave the timing of this alone.  Though, since this was posted a lot of Pokemon stuff has happened so an update of sorts should be in the near future. The following is the original.

As I’m sure you may have gathered I kind of dig Pokemon.  I watched the show as a kid, collected the cards, played the games.  I had wall stickers and a blanket for my room.  I drew the buggers everywhere, too.  The 1990s and early 2000s was a good time to be a kid. It must have sucked to be a parent, but it was fantastic to be a kid.  Ooze toys were at their peak, Nerf and Super Soakers rarely disappointed, and Pokemon was in full swing. Not to mention the gaming platforms from the decade.  I’m still kicking myself for letting go of my systems. I mean, I’m glad I donated them to a family friend with a bunch of kids that adored having them, but I had the Donky Kong 64 bundle with the clear green N64 and the Toys R Us exclusive Pokemon Gameboy Color. You have no idea what I would give just to have those back.  Don’t even get me started on the games. As soon as I have the money I’m  hunting them down and replacing the ones I let go of.

Anyway, Pokemon was aces in my little mind.  After a while anyway.  The first time I encountered Pokemon was a paper book cover that was distributed in class for our textbooks.  I thought the thing was really stupid and didn’t want to be associated with it.  I folded the book cover picture side down and drew my own damn pictures on the cover.  As far as I was concerned Pokemon could take a hike.  What on earth could it offer me? Obviously things changed. I played the games more than I could admit.  I had a binder of the cards that I lent to some asshole that just never seemed to be able to find it when I asked for it back.  In high school it had definitely fallen out of popularity.  I never stopped liking the little buggers, I just stopped caring about the merchandise.  A mix of nostalgia and reintroduction has gotten me thrilled again.

No, I haven’t played Black or White yet, but I have seen it played and I have it on good authority that it will be a birthday gift.  I love that one of the things I’m most excited for on my 21st birthday is the latest Pokemon game.  It’s all very thrilling. For those interested I’m going to choose Tepig as a starter. No this isn’t my first choice, nor is it my second.  I was going to choose Snivy. The games I’ve played I’ve always preferred the grass type. The problem with this is that my boyfriend has done the same thing in his games.  Since he’s been playing more consistently I guess he has some rights.  This wasn’t a problem. I could choose Oshawott, I’m not that petty. His sister chose that one. I know that this doesn’t really stop me in any real way, but it makes sense to have the different starters.  I really don’t have anything to complain about. By the time I get the game I’ll be able to have all the starters in the first few hours of game play.  I still want to complain a little.  Just enough to give the impression of “well, that’s inconvenient.”

As long as I’m on the topic, I feel I have to bring up the blog name.  It’s a bit misleading. I’m not a wild nerd girl in any sense of the phrase.  I’m not wild in the sense that I’m out every night partying, nor am I wild as in a Pokemon that is up for grabs.  I like staying home and reading or drawing over a night on the town. Heck by that phrase alone you could tell I haven’t been out in a while.  I’m also in a very happy relationship so I guess that means I’m caught. I have a problem with this idea because we’re very balanced, but it’s based on a phrase so the definition has to be a little more narrow than what actually exists.  I just really liked the phrase, but I felt I did need to clarify while I was talking about Pokemon.  I’m sorry if you are disappointed.


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