I know there is more to nerdery than video games. Originally it seemed knowledge and passion in math, science, and computers were the key identifiers of a nerd or geek.  I like to think that I dabble in these things quite a bit.  I’ve tried to solder together some wires to fix headphones and read scientific books for leisure.  I find it all very interesting.  Science is always fun and math comes easy. I was finished with my science credits within the first semester and I’ve almost used up my electives on science courses. I think the significant part about that is that I’m an artist.  I’ve considered dropping out of art school to become a scientist so many times I’m surprised I haven’t done it yet.

When I was little I begged for a chemistry set.  That’s all I wanted for a few months.  I did end up getting one for some event or another.  I still have it, mostly intact.  I refused to waste the precious substances that came with it.  I did, however, run around everywhere with the goggles on.  If I remember correctly, it came with a microscope, too.  Oh how I loved that thing.  I loved making my own slides.  The gunk from under my fingernails was ever so fascinating.  I’m pretty sure something like 10 slides were just fingernail gunk.

These days I’d sooner take something apart and figure things out than pitch it.  I experiment with whatever I can.  It’s usually flavour combinations in cooking, but cooking is definitely a science on its own.  One of my favourite places to shop is the American Science and Surplus store right by me.  I could spend hours there just fiddling and admiring the oddities.  I keep promising myself that I’m going to buy the paperweight that has several small animal hearts in it.  I just don’t need any more oddities.  My collection of things is pretty bizarre as it is.  I always welcome absurd things into my life, I just like them to be inexpensive.  I rather like having coconut halves and green knit bow ties instead of a rare shrunken head plated in bronze.

My love of science certainly influences my taste in media.  I get a kick out of scientific songs, The Galaxy Song by Monty Python comes to mind immediately.  I know that one by heart.  Science-fiction ranks very high with me.  I absolutely love Doctor Who, and not just the new seasons either.  This is just a teaser sentence because there will undoubtedly be a whole post dedicated to Doctor Who in the near future.  I love reading the old school paperback adventure books from the 1960s and 70s.  They are as amazing as those B horror movies.  I am a huge sucker for those as well.   All these amazing things are based in the amazing world of science.  I imagine I’ll eventually be a scientist, even if it’s only one of those mad fellows with the amazing hair.


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