In the beginning…

The whole reason I wanted to have this blog was to be more of a gaming journal.  I’ve been around video games for about ten  years, if not a little longer.  I know this is hardly impressive but bear with me.  I’m the eldest and my only other sibling is my younger brother.  The 1990s wasn’t exactly the best decade for breeding young girl gamers.  Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to be the red ranger just like my male counterparts and Biker Mice from Mars holds a special place in my heart.  Video games just weren’t marketed to me effectively until the N64.

The system that set the wheels in motion is my PS3.  It’s a hand-me-down from my younger brother.  Does that make it a hand-me-up? I hope not because that sounds too dirty to be associated with my brother.  I’d much rather stay away from that.  Anyway, I don’t use it much because between college crap and my art there really isn’t much time to play. I’m hoping putting this out there will force me to play more. It’s hard to blog without content.

Before I get started on gaming I feel like I should tell you about my set up, or lack thereof.  I’ve had the same television since I was 6 and have no intentions on changing that in the near future. I have the oldest television out of everyone I know, and that includes my grandmother. She’s way more hip than me.  As a result, my picture quality resembles what the world looks like without my glasses on. Everything is fuzzy around the corners and isn’t horrible, but most other people’s gaming suffers because of the crap picture quality. I like to think of it as home field advantage.  My one controller has thumb sticks that live up to their name and frequently need to be readjusted or else the character will run to the right for all eternity, or a wall, whichever comes first.

Okay, so this is going to be a bit retroactive to start. I really would like to go through everything in the second wave of my gaming experience.  There isn’t as much as one would expect, but there you have it. The first game I really played on my new toy was Resident Evil 5. I’m not proud of that, nor really ashamed. There are much better titles I could have started off with, but I needed something to play that my brother wouldn’t mind missing for a while.  I also needed something that my boyfriend had so that we could play online together. When everything worked, it was fabulous. I usually pick up on controls pretty quick and am a fast learner.  I still had horrible problems. While playing online the connection was constantly going out. We’d get a few minutes into the game and we’d be kicked. It wasn’t those instances that were horrible. It was being kicked after an hour of game play and having to start over right as we were almost finished with the level.  I’m pretty sure that only two or three stages were completed in 8 hours.  I always felt silly with the Bluetooth headset in my ear.  It made me feel like a businesswoman that was trying to relax but just couldn’t manage to stop caring about her job. It’s also a little strange to have a little voice inside your head that sounds like your significant other and is cursing about a majini that just won’t go down. Also, because our connection had a shorter attention span than a gnat or 1 year old child we would often be cut off in the middle of a sentence. Actually, the last thing I usually heard or said was “shit.”

When I wasn’t playing online, Sheva was pretty useless. The bit with the tanker was impossible for me even though I knew to shoot the barrels.  I also never got the stupid trophy for prying that gaudy piece of parasitic jewelry off of Jill’s chest. I did it, but my system hates me. Once in a while I’d recruit my brother to play with me so I didn’t end up with a controller shaped hole in the wall.  It’s actually pretty boring playing by yourself, too. It’s great if you don’t mind, but I like other people around me even if I think they are judging me.

I did end up finishing the game, but I’ve yet to go back and do anything with it. That was a year and a half ago. The second game, and main reason for wanting the machine, was The Beatles Rock Band. That’s a whole other ball of wax though. I kicked the tar out of that game, that and Borderlands.  Those will have to wait for another day.


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